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In collaboration with coolhuntermx.


It goes without saying that Tulum is anything but short of amazing - from its sandy beaches to destination-spa's, sanctuary-like stores, and so much more.


Since the fifties, when Tulum was just a quiet fishing village, visitors enjoyed its primitive beauty of pristine beaches bedecked by white sands and its clear, clear waters. In time, Tulum's unique offerings became a must-see spot for national and international visitors.


But one of its best kept secrets up to date? Enter Hotel Tiki Tiki, a mid-century / Miami Beach style boutique hotel lodged in the city's luscious forested grounds and just minutes away from the beach. Along with its impeccable design and nature-lined outdoor pool, the hotel has 15 distinctive rooms with private balconies, in-room hammocks, and even hot-tubs. 


Known most for its coziness and simplicity, the hotel's 50's-inspired vibes make for an incredibly unique way to experience Tulum's culture. Looking for an easy and affordable place to stay in Tulum? Visit the hotel's website to make reservations!


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