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The most instagrammable places in Latin America
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The most instagrammable places in Latin America

Latin America is well known around the world for its unique culture: amazing nature, colorful towns and cities and incomparable dishes. But, as we all know, if there isn’t posted on Instagram it never happened.

Based on a scoring system that analysed the amount of hashtags per destination, Big Seven Travel made a ranking of the 50 most instagrammable countries in the world. On the list there are 6 countries from Latin America.  Keep on reading and get to know them all. 


Argentina finds it place on the ranking at the 21th spot. Cities like Buenos Aires and its snowed mountains on the Andes make this country the most instagrammable from Latin America. 



Mexico is not that far away from Argentina, at least on the ranking. This country is proud of its vast culture, from its food to the historic places and traditions. Cities like Playa del Carmen, San Miguel de Allende and Mexico City are Instagram worthy.



Did somebody say Rio? The girl from Ipanema could be an influencer nowadays. The endless beaches and cities that don’t sleep like Sao Paolo are favorites of this social media platform.



We can talk about Cartagena, Medellin and Bogota. We can talk about its fashion sense and the amazing food, but the real deal is on the mountains and the Amazonian part of Colombia. 



Even thought the political climate of Venezuela has taken control of what people talk about this country, cities like Caracas and El Ávila national park are currently harvesting thousand of likes on Instagram. 



Peru will find and upper place on this ranking next year, and that’s because places like the rainbow mountain and Machu Picchu are the most beautiful thing –nature and human made- that you’ll see in the platform. 


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