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Chilean-born New-York based designer and founder of Proyecto Metanoia sits with us to chat about her favorite bars in her hometown, her favorite pieces from Cooperativa, and the things that inspire her the most. Read the Q&A below and shop her newly launched collection.


C: Just by glancing at your collections, the words asymmetric, simplicity, and structure come to mind. What words would you use to describe your brand and what inspires your designs? Do you feel your collections represent your hometown or country in any way?

PT: I've always been attracted to Scandinavian design and aesthetics, as I regard mine as a "Surdic" design. There's a lot of geographical influences: the northern vast Atacama desert, the Andes Mountain chain, the Patagonia and the Torres del Paine. There's a rich and unexpected landscape one can find in Chile. Our poets, musicians, and artists have made a big impression on my work. I consider Chile a more isolated part of Latin America, which while yet "belonging to" is also highly expressive and sophisticated in a different way. Overall, I'd describe my line as elegant, purist, and bold.


C: Tell us about your concept store in Santiago (Proyecto Metanoia). When did it open and what inspired you to launch it?

PT: I launched the project exactly a year ago. Being so close to such a growing Latin powerhouse of brands (and having great friends in New York) organically pushed me to pair some of their pieces with my own at the trunk shows I hold for my collections in Chile. Since going brick-and-mortar, I've added a strong selection of local artists and printed materials, as well as other local findings like Vinyl Record labels. 


C: We know you're based out of New York and Santiago but where do you spend the majority of the year and why?

PT: I'm more likely spending more time in Santiago and happily all around Latin America. I do travel a lot, even inside the country. I'm in a rediscovery phase after spending eight years based in NYC and traveling more around Europe and North America. I travel a lot for work and research, so for a creative and curious mind this is much needed.


C: Who inspires you?

PT: I find that all creative minds, in any field, who have followed their ideas and created something new and fresh by standing true to themselves and their decisions are the ones I look up to the most, as well as the ones that have had the vision to support them. Here in Chile, there's Eugenia Errazuriz, a style leader from the 1880s to the 20th century and Chilean patron of modernism, who paved the way for the modernist and minimalist aesthetic that would be taken up by the fashion scene of those days.


C: What are some pieces from Cooperativa you'd pair with your own pieces?

PT: Ahhh, this is hardest question of all! I would probably wear one piece from every designer on the site. I love my fellow Latin-American designers and I'm proud to show their work at Proyecto Metanoia (as well as in my closet). But if I had to choose - I would pair any of Monica Sordo's Nautilus Asymmetric Earfans with Nomadic Collector's Cuffed Clutch, and a wrap skirt from Efrain Mogollon -- all complemented with some of my own pieces, of course! 


C: If we were to spend a week in Santiago, Chile ...

What's the best time of year to go?

All year round! Just keep in mind that we have four very defined seasons throughout the year.

Any must-try restaurants?

Boragó, Osaka, and Ambrosía. They're a part of Latin America's Top 50 list. Doña Tina is also a must for typical Chilean cuisine in the city.

Hotels you'd recommend

Magnolia in Barrio Lastarria, Santiago. Isla Seca, Zapallar. Casa Higueras, Valparaiso. 

Bars for drinks.

Rooftop Bar at the Singular Hotel, Maria Callas Cocktail Club, and The Hotel Bidasoa's Bar. 

Museums? Activities? Shopping?

Proyecto Metanoia for shopping, of course (and the surrounding Alonso de Córdova neighborhood in Vitacura). Galería Patricia Ready - an art gallery in Vitacura with an exciting selection of local and international artists, and a lovely restaurant for lunch. Museo de la Moda (also in Vitacura) - this museum holds a prestigious collection of pieces belonging to the likes of Lady Di, Madonna, Marilyn Monroe, and also showcases a lot of Chilean Design heritage. There's also a super nice cafe. Teatro Municipal de Santiago - a city jewel for attending the Ballet or the Opera. San Cristóbal Hill's cable car for a ride in the air and a gorgeous view of Santiago.


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