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For a decade she held presence at Vogue Mexico and Latin America. She was featured in Business of Fashion as one of the 500 people who were shaping the global fashion landscape. As Editor in Chief, she ignited a series called Postcards from Latin America, where she offered viewers the diverse and exuberant meanings of current Latin stylishness and fashionable, contemporary flare.

Jump to Kelly's picks from Cooperativa and read the interview below!


C: What is the meaning of style?


KT: Style is very personal form of self expression – on any given day, it tells people who you are, what you’re feeling and what message you want to get across.


C: Describe 4 "postcards from Latin America" with a fashionable view.


KT: The terrace at the Palacio Duhau in Buenos Aires. Hippie Beach in Isla Baru, Cartagena. The terrace at Condesa DF in Mexico City. The view from Luna at the Rosewood Hotel in San Miguel de Allende.


C: What are some up and coming Latin designers the fashion audience should watch out for?


KT: There are so many it’s difficult to choose, but a few names I’ve come across recently that remain relatively unknown internationally include Argentinean designer Juan Hernandez Daels, Colombian label Maison Alma, by Daniela Bahamon and the Peruvian brand Garua.


C: What´s your favorite spots to shop in Bogotá, Buenos Aires and México DF.


KT: In Bogotá, I love spending an afternoon on Calle de Anticuarios, where you can find local designer boutiques such as Pepa Pombo, Leal Daccarett and Postino, as well as Casa Santamaria, a concept store that houses several Colombian labels.


I also head often to Rosé Concept Store, a project created by designers Carlo Carrizosa, Alexandra Bueno, Adriana Tavera and Stephanie Mattos of LaCouture Maison. On the same block you can pop into Amelia Toro and Silvia Tcherassi’s stores.


Nearby is Olga Piedrahita’s boutique, which is always an inspiring experience since she consistently changes the store’s layout and window display with unique exhibitions by Colombian artists.


In Buenos Aires, my favorite neighborhood is Recoleta. Whenever I have free time, I stroll through the streets, popping in and out of stores, such as Juan Hernandez Daels, JT by Jessica Trosman, or Fueguia 1833. At the Alvear Palace, you can also find the boutiques of a few of my favorites, from Zito to Flaneur and Giacobbe.


As for Mexico City, Polanco – my old stomping grounds – has a great mix of local design and international labels. Mexican designers Yakampot, Sandra Weil and Lorena Saravia have boutiques here, and there are multi-brand stores that are worth checking out, such as Lago DF and The Feathered. If you’re looking for a full day of shopping, there’s El Palacio de Hierro, which mainly has international brands, but also has a selection of Mexican designers on their contemporary floor.


C: Where to lunch, dine, and have drinks in Bogotá?


KT: The nightlife scene in Bogotá is growing rather quickly, I find myself discovering a new spot every weekend.


For lunch, I like Café Bar Universal, it has such a special ambiance that makes you feel like you’re somewhere off in the Caribbean. I also love Casa Lelyte, not only for it’s gourmet vegetarian menu, but also it’s retro interior design by architect Pedro Olarte.


Villanos en Bermudas or El Chato are always fun and delicious for dinner, and as for drinks I prefer El Bandido on Calle de Anticuarios or the bar at Juana La Loca.


C: How would you describe your personal style?


KT: Classic and polished, yet always adding eccentricity with one statement piece or an accessory.


C: What's the most exciting thing about Latin fashion today?


KT: It’s authenticity. With globalization increasingly present, people are looking for looks and pieces with identity and that tell a story. In recent years, Latin designers have been more intent on showcasing their cultures through the collections they create, of course, always in a modern, contemporary way. We have such rich and vibrant cultures in Latin America, and I think the international fashion community is drawn to the optimism and zest for life we often express through the way we dress.


C: Chicest place you have ever seen.


KT: In Latin America, Casa Cavia in Buenos Aires or the home of Danielle Corona Echavarría of Hunting Season in Bogotá.


C: Style icons that truly inspire you.


KT: On a personal level, I love Jeanne Damas’ effortless style. She is the epitome of chic.


I also admire Colombian style icon and close friend Gloria Saldarriaga.  We could all learn a thing or two from her when it comes to fashion. She understands that it’s meant to be fun, and we should approach it as such. She is also a huge supporter of Latin talent.


C: A moment of time in fashion. A film. A book. A fashion designer. A place. 


KT: Favorite decade in fashion: The 90s supermodel era. Film: Annie Hall. Book: The Little Prince. Fashion Designer: Gianni Versace. A place: L’Hotel in Paris.


C: What do you love about Fashion? What do you dislike about it?


KT: I love that fashion is constantly evolving… it’s never static. There are industries that are often slow to take on new movements and trends, but that’s not the case with fashion.


Of course, it’s also what makes it more challenging when you’re a part of the industry. You can never feel too comfortable or complacent, and must always remain one step ahead, but I think most of us who work in this are extremely curious and active anyway, we’re just wired that way. It’s probably one of the reasons why we’re in this industry to begin with.


C: What would you say is your sense of purpose in life?


KT: To make life a little better for those around me, whether that’s through a beautiful image, an inspiring article, or by discovering and promoting a new name or talent. All in all, using my voice and what’s been given to me, to help make the society we live in one filled with positivity, inspiration, goodness and beauty.


C: Next thing you will be buying - next place you will be visiting. 


KT: Khaite jeans, and I’m still on the search for the perfect white shoe. And, next I’ll be in New York.


C: Top 5 places in Bogotá.


KT: FLORA Ars+Natura gallery, Nada bookstore, Candelaria for museums and inspiration, Parque Virrey for morning walks, and Espacio Odeon.


C: Greatest treasure in your closet. 


KT: My first Chanel purse, the classic 2.55. I bought it as a present for myself during my first Paris Fashion Week, after having been promoted to Editor in Chief at VOGUE.




Efrain Mogollon - Fabiana Top

coop-130Efrain Mogollon - Wrap Skirt

dsc_0792Pink Filosofy - Wind Pants

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