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In collaboration with coolhuntermx.


Javier Senosiain, one of the most famous Mexican architects in the world, is now known as a leading proponent of 'organic architecture,' an architecture style that promotes harmonious spaces between human habitation and nature. Not only does the architectural style encompass a building's outside areas, it also includes interior spaces, decor, surrounding buildings and landscapes, and even furniture.


While Senosiain's other projects have been inspired by the work of Frank Lloyd Wright, Gaudí, Rudolph Steiner, nature, and other Mexican popular art, Organic House remains as his most personal project to date (since it was built at his family home).


Originally a one bedroom house, the architect decided to expand and connect the first section of his house with the second by designing a tunnel once his family grew too big to live in it. The top part of the structure houses a studio with an ample view of the National Park of Los Remedios and a semi-opened terrace below it, resulting in a shark shaped outer structure.


Organic House is a building that showcases the connection between man and nature while exalting Mexican architecture around the world.



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