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Photos of #theseedxcoop showroom at Omina Summit, courtesy of Ale Fomina



Founded by Andrea Somma and Carmen Busquets in 2017, Omina Summit is a non-profit sustainability organization that brings forward-thinking fashion and environmental leaders together to exchange thoughts and ideas through presentations and open-panel discussions. Taking place in Texas Tech University in San José, Costa Rica, the summit partnered with Livia Firth's Eco-Age to host the innovative global summit where speakers and inspirational players like Paul Hawken, Oskar Metsavaht, Gisele Bündchen, Claudia Donaldson, and Donna Karan amongst others spoke on the idea of making sustainability more accessible.


Cooperativa Shop hosted a private cocktail party at The Seed showroom (on the second floor of TTU) on Wednesday night where VIP's and A-Listers sipped on refreshing Gin cocktails and met with the showroom's featured designers. The Seed x Cooperativa Shop highlighted over ten Latin American sustainable and ethical designers like Nayibe Warchausky, Caralarga, Patricia Padron, Olga Prieto, Ayni, VOZ, Efrain Mogollon, and Soüf to name a few - all who incorporate eco-friendly practices into their brands. 

Cesar Pereira-The SeedCoctail-2351_preview
Araceli Graham, Patricia Padron, Carmen Busquets, and Nayibe Warchausky - taken by Cesar Pereira


Araceli Graham, Bettina Staartjes, and Regina Ramirez

Jasmin Aarons of VOZ, Donna Karan, Paul Hawken, and Araceli GrahamIrene Valenzuela-The SeedCoctail-7411 2_preview

Andrea Somma, Paola Mendoza, and Carmen Busquests - taken by Irene ValenzuelaCesar Pereira-2374_preview

Araceli Graham, Donna Karan, and Andrea Somma - taken by Cesar Pereira


Araceli Graham and Isabelle - taken by Irene Valenzuela


Andrea Somma, Carmen Busquets, Adriana Santacruz, Araceli Graham, and Donna Karan - taken by Cesar Pereira


Lucy Siegel and Araceli Graham - taken by Wendy Barrantes

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