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Design Week Mexico has propelled the creation of a thriving design scene in the country since its inception 8 years ago. The program provides a variety of platforms for the creative community to come together and one of its main objectives is to promote the culture of design by bringing it to the public in dynamic ways. It seeks to generate a dialogue where design becomes the tool for economic, social, cultural and environmental development.


This year’s issue, being the preamble to next year’s events where Mexico City will be the world’s design capital, is especially important to the Mexican design scene.


Coolhuntermx_DesignHouse2017_20-1460x973 Coolhuntermx_DesignHouse2017_30-1460x973


Events in this year’s program started to reflect next year’s goals to promote socially responsible design that generates, dignifies, and transforms opportunities while preserving treasures.


Coolhuntermx_DesignHouse2017_9-1460x973 Coolhuntermx_DesignHouse2017_14-1460x973


Since its debut on October 11th, the Museo Tamayo opened several exhibits to the general public: Inédito, a collection by various designers made especially for this occasion; Proyecto Tamayo, an architectural firm showcasing architectural changes; and, Vision y Tradición, an exhibit that showcases a collaboration between the guest country, Switzerland, and the guest state, Puebla.


Parque Lincoln de Polanco also hosted several activities that weekend. Exhibits such as Estructuras Efímeras showcased work by students from leading design schools in Mexico. Diseño Contenido offered Mexican design pieces for sale while Ruta del Diseño had a tour through various design showrooms. Also included in the program was a visit to Design House where unique spaces created by 18 firms were showcased as well as the various directions and tendencies of interior design in Mexico.

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