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In collaboration with coolhuntermx.



Bosco Sodi, a renowned Mexican artist, founded the Casa Wabi non-profit organization in 2014 along the Oaxacan coast to promote collaboration and social commitment through art while simultaneously creating a space of artists for artists. Inspired by the Japanese concept of 'wabi-sabi' where beauty is found in the ephemeral and imperfect, Casa Wabi aims to become a key place in the area and currently operates four programs: residences, exhibits, cinema, and clay work, where the main focus is to reclaim local techniques and crafts.


Recently, Casa Wabi opened its newest exhibition space in Santa María la Ribera, one of Mexico City's most popular "old-town" districts, with a focus on showcasing the work of young artists in the city. Designed to promote the exchange of ideas that contribute to the development of the local art scene, the new space also places particular emphasis on production and fosters an educational project for artistic development. 


Amongst Santa María's opening exhibits were Diego Orendain and Pedro Martínez-Negrete's "La Memoria de los Muros" (or wall recollections) - a sound installation and product of a study on the acoustics of Casa Wabi in Oaxaca and the way sound reacts to it by combining and manipulating sound recordings of their surroundings, capturing properties and experiences of Casa Wabi's construction. 


While art in Mexico is constantly evolving, generations of rooted artists such as Gabriel Orozco, Damian Ortega and Luis Felipe Ortega are setting guidelines for a new generation of independent talent, and finding new ways of prospering without the support of the government. The interdependent, diverse, and unusual Casa Wabi considers a variety of elements that elicit opportunities in both the artistic and curatorial realms. 


Visit Casa Wabi in Mexico City


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