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It’s the time of the year when the best mexican designers show their takes on Latin American fashion. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Mexico showcased the vision of top designers like Lorena Saravia, Armando Takeda, Cynthia Büttenklepper, Alexia Ulibarri, Kris Goyri, Vero Diaz, Benito Santos, Sandra Weil and more in venues such as the Four Seasons hotel and Frontón México in front of Monumento a la Revolución.

The editors, buyers and fashion lovers who attended to the shows, could experience first-hand the talent, vision and craftsmanship off this noted designers and spot the trends that we are going to wear during spring summer 2020.

After 5 days full of fashion this are the 5 trends spotted in Fashion Week Mexico:

Mexican roots

Designers like Pineda Covalina, Colectivo Yakampot and Lydia Lavín put their efforts in collections not only inspired by the silhouette of traditional Mexican garments, but on its process of textile creation, embellishment and dyed.

“Fuego Nuevo” the latest collection from Pineda Covalin went even further, taking the attendants into the Mictlán, or the so-called hell for the Mexicas. The amazing colors, cuts and prints on the collection were made to die for, literally and a journey to the first creations of the brand.


Oriental vibes

Abel López traveled far away from Mexico and put his eye on the romanticism of the Kabuki theatre. Inspired on this Japanese art form, the Mexican designer crowned all his models with oriental hats and gave them full volume with pieces that were extremely dramatic in dark and light hues. Makeup artist Daniel Alvarado was the author of a cat eye that we can assure will be a beauty trend on 2020.


All you need is love

Did somebody say 1969? Because that was the exact year where Vero Diaz took us with her collection. Hippie vibes and boho chic style were the two main points of this collection. Knitted vests, loose fabrics and a lot of lace made a trifecta. Is it fair to say that Vero Diaz discovered time traveling?


Muted tones

Flowers, vibrant colors and joy can be a very obvious inspiration for spring summer collections, but not for designers such as Lorena Saravia, Colectivo Yakampot, Julia y Renata, Armando Takeda and Abel López, who used mainly muted tones on their collections and, specially, on their fabrics. Shades of grey, beige, sand and even very diluted yellows took the stage in most of all of their looks.


Barbie Fantasy

Barbie can be an endless inspiration and can help to go full circle in the life of those who take her as a muse. And that’s exactly what Barbie means for Benito Santos, who surprised everyone with huge bows, vibrant pinks and silhouettes taken straight from Barbie’s fantasy world. Sequins in every garment and Valentina, the super drag queen, were the showstoppers of the night. Benito told that, as a child, never had the chance to play with Barbies, but now he could create his own with his designs.


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