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Designers Laura and Alejandra Laviada founded their brand Pantera in 2004 when they decided to create a timeless, handbag collection for women. As a sister design-team with a mixture of editorial, fashion and graphic design experience, their styles and designs mostly cater to women who highly value fashion and independence, while also embodying a multi-purpose lifestyle. Hand-made using exotic skin and leathers, Pantera seeks to not only support the local artisans of Mexico City but to also ensure that their products have the ability to live through generations. By assuring that all of their products comply with animal and wildlife regulations, Pantera strives to combine excellent quality with craftsmanship to create their elegant handbags.

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Piercing Silver Piercing Fanny Pack Piercing Green Piercing Fanny Pack Piercing Fanny Pack Woven Pouch
Woven Pouch 



Piercing Burgundy Octavia Bag
Octavia Bag 



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