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We sat with the Colombian designer over coffee and visited her boutique to discuss style essentials, fashion principles and what’s in stock with her newest collection, showcased during Bogotá Fashion Week in April. 


If there is one distinctive motif in the work of fashion designer, Faride Ramos, it can be said to be the glamour of simplicity. Her sleek silhouettes and tailored takes on sartorial femininity have, in the last years, granted her a place amongst Latin America’s most notorious emblems of feminine chic. Her vision is also an echo of how some fashion creators have fabricated aesthetic languages that transcend the Latin stereotype of mere exuberant display. Her clean, dreamy sense of dress is inspired by her dear tropical place of origin and her enduring motivation to create timeless ways of exquisite dress.


C: Style is…

FR: The right way of understanding your body in order to express yourself through pieces of clothing.


C: How would you define the Faride Ramos woman?

FR: She’s timeless, ageless and sensitive to fashion.


C: One go-to piece of clothing.

FR: A black blazer.


C: Your main source of inspiration.

FR: The history of my childhood.


C: How would you describe your universe?

FR: Dreamy.


C: What’s your view on Latin American fashion?

FR: It’s definitely shown a great deal of evolution for the past five years or so and it has moved away from what I call narcomoda. 


C: What do you love most about fashion?

FR: That it’s anything but frivolous.


C: What do you most hate about it?

FR: The way it becomes an obsession.


C: How important is Mompox in your work?

FR: It’s something like Macondo was to Gabriel García Márquez, my own magic town filled with richness and history.


C: What would be your greatest extravagance?

FR: Wearing the color red.


C: First thing that comes to mind:

FR: A decade: 1950s

A movie:  Titanic 

A memory: my First Communion.

A place: Mompox

An object: handbags

A brand: Stella McCartney


Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 6.30.16 PM


Faride Ramos - Victorian Blouse


Faride Ramos - Georgia Pants


Faride Ramos - Checked Wool Blazer

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