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In case you haven't heard, we partnered up with the Miami-based boutique store, Bossa Concept, and are thrilled to bring the best of the best Brazilian fashion designers straight to you.  Check out our interview below with the Brazilian native and co-founder of the boutique, Alessandra Cavalcante.



What brought about you and your partners to open a shop for women’s Brazilian designer fashions?

I always knew Brazilian designers would do very well in the U.S market because of their unique style. Anytime I’d vacation in the states, people would stop me on the streets to ask where my clothes were from so after a couple of years, the opportunity came up and I started the project to open Bossa Concept.



We heard something about Beyoncé wearing a Brazilian designer in her “Sorry” music video. What can you tell us about that piece?

The Brazilian designer, GIG COUTURE, was one of the brands chosen to style Beyoncé in her LEMONADE album. Gina Guerra, the designer behind GIG COUTURE, was inspired by the nominated architect, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, when designing her Spring 2016 collection and Beyoncé is shown wearing a knitted jumpsuit from that collection.



What are three things that set a Brazilian fashion designer apart?

A Brazilian fashion designer always looks to use natural materials in their collections. They use lots of colors and prints, and they design clothes to perfectly fit the woman’s body and always think about their curves.



How would you describe a Brazilian woman’s style? Would you say it’s different from that of an American woman?

I’d say the difference between a Brazilian and an American woman is that a Brazilian has a very fun way of styling herself – always very unique and not scared of taking risks. A Brazilian woman is very faithful to the designers she likes and in a certain way, that is how her style is recognized. A Brazilian woman is more sensual than sexy.



What’s your story and how did you get involved in the world of fashion? 

I loved sewing clothes for my dolls when I was little. They normally always came wearing a little dress but that was never enough for me, so I would draw what I wanted them to wear on a piece of paper and my mom would take care of cutting up the fabric. Before I knew it, my dolls had a wide selection of clothes to wear and my friends always wanted to borrow clothes for their dolls. As I got older, I remember going to my friends houses to help them get dressed – they would always say that they wanted to dress just like me.



Describe your personal style in a nutshell.

Whatever’s on my mind is fully expressed by what I’m wearing.



Describe a regular day at Bossa Concept.

Everyday at Bossa Concept consists of connecting and building close relationships with our clients to better understand their style and what they are looking for. I think these close connections are what make Bossa such a unique and friendly boutique store, and the reason our customers always say that they feel at home while shopping in Bossa. It also makes my job as a curator for the store much easier when buying future collections because I know I can pick exactly what our customers are looking for.



Tell us a little bit about the store and future plans? Is it just clothes and accessories or is there more to come?

Our plans for Bossa are to open more stores in the U.S and also create our own clothing line. We’re also planning to launch a home and lifestyle brand with small and unique décor objects, essential home sprays made with natural materials, and candles.

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