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Photos: courtesy of Gretel Joffroy's Instagram


We sat down with Mexican-born Los Angeles-based artist, Gretel Joffroy and chatted all things fashion, art, and Cooperativa. Scroll down to find out who her favorite Cooperativa designer is and shop her favorite pieces when you're done!



Gretel Joffroy has had individual exhibitions at Yautepec (Mexico City), GE (Monterrey), Paul Gall (NYC), and ObjectNotFound (Monterrey) and has participated in group shows at White Box (NYC), El Museo del Barrio (NYC), The Proposition Gallery (NYC), and Instituto de México a Paris (Paris).



What U.S artists have influenced you? 

I have endless inspirations but one of my biggest influences in my work has been Artist Cecily Brown. She is a fierce expressionist woman painter. I love her fearless brushstrokes, her massive sized paintings, and her sensual unapologetic content.


Favorite place to shop for clothing in LA?

I don't really have a favorite place to shop. Big cities are full of surprises so it could be a hidden boutique in Silverlake or cool vintage shop on Melrose. Nasty Gal and TOP SHOP are always fun and rock n' roll.  I just like to mix it all up and create my own thing.


Is there a community of creative women originally from Mexico currently living in LA and, if so, why do you think that is? 

Yes, there are! I feel it's a really good time to be in L.A. as a Mexican woman. People are intereseted to know more about us and what we have to offer -outside the Mexican stereotypes. There is an important link between L.A. and Mexico city right now, interesting things are happening and the proximity to Mexico is always a definite plus.


How does Latin American women's style differ from American women's style?

I will speak for myself. I don't necessarily follow trends, perhaps American women go more for that specific look. As a bi-cultural woman, I like to play with what inspires me from the American lifestyle, fashion etc. together with the richness of Mexican folklore, its vibrant colors, and sexy romance.


Favorite fall/winter fashion trend and favorite spring 2017 trend.

I'm really into velvet right now.


Favorite designers featured on Cooperativa. 

I love Maye G.E.M. Everywhere I go I'm stopped and asked about the jewelry I'm wearing. Besides them being unique one of a kind designs I love that I can wear the pieces casually during the day and transition them into evening cool elegant look. I also like designer, Carla Fernandez' work and how she fully embraces the beauty of Mexican patterns and textiles giving it that contemporary touch.


Why is Cooperativa an important platform in terms of exposing Latin American designers and why do you think American women will enjoy discovering Latin American apparel? 

Cooperativa has been building this platform with the best influencers, PR companies and creative professionals, making it a great guide to what's new and relevant in Latin American Fashion. Their selection of designers is precisely that: a selective group who bring forth unique talent and creativity to the table, making it easily available for anyone from anywhere to shop Latin American talent.


Describe your personal style in 3 words.

Rock n' roll, sexy, and chic.





MAYE G.E.M. - Alessa Necklace


MAYE G.E.M - Gemma Necklace

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